We all presumably agree that “Papa” Jo Jones was one of the most influential jazz drummers who ever lived. That’s likely only one reason why DVDs and CDs with Jo on them continue to be among our most popular titles.

For those interested in Jo–as you should be–and don’t have the time to go through all our listings, please note that we have the following, and all are very, very rare and for the most part, are not available anywhere else:

The Drums By Jo Jones (CD)

Jo Jones in Europe (1975): The Master with Milt Buckner and Illinois Jacquet. Part One of this DVD features very rare film of J.C. Heard.

Jo Jones and the JATP All-Stars: WIth the JATP gang on the Nat Cole TV show of 1957.

Complete Concert in London, 1964: With Coleman Hawkins. Jo takes a definitive extended solo on “Caravan.”

Jo Jones and the Drum Stars: A shorty but a goody.

Timex All-Star Jazz Show Volume 4: Jo appears thoughout this extravaganza hosted by Jackie Gleason.

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