For the past year or so, we have been receiving complaints from those of you who ordered CDs, books or DVDs from JazzLegends.com and never received them. When I get your emails, I have replied to each and every one of you personally, saying that I never received notification of your order, and blaming either PayPal or the Naples, FL post office. This has been happening quite often of late, and I began to get the sense that the root of the problem was elsewhere.

It was.

After spending several hours within the good offices of PayPal, we have collectively determined that the fault is not with PayPal or with Naples, FL. The problem lies in the internet service provider used by JazzLegends.com since its inception, and evidently happens with several ISP’s as well.

As explained to me by PayPal, the internet service provider has “randomly” decided which “Notifications of Payments Received” notices I received in my email, and which ones I don’t.

In the ideal world, and what has normally happened since JazzLegends.com started, is that I receive a “Notification of Payment Received Notice” in my DrumAlive@aol.com email each time an order is placed. Obviously, that hasn’t been happening on a consistent n basis.

PayPal has given me detailed instructions as to how I can get accurate, up-to-date reports several times daily on who orders what. This is great, great news, and to all of you who thought I forgot, or that mail was lost, my sincere apologies.

Those of you who have had some experience with JazzLegends.co0m know, by and large, that I’ll go to the ends of the earth to make each and every order a good one, no matter what it takes.

I am pleased that I got to the root of the problem. PayPal is a true innovator and has helped revolutionize the process of payment via the web. And the Naples, FL post office is a good one.

Welcome to the new world of each and every order received and fulfilled. — Bruce klauber

One Response to “WHERE ARE THE DVDs I ORDERED????”

  1. sergio pasquarelli Says:

    As a fan of Artie Shaw, I obviously have no intention to miss your dvd edition of Dancing’ Co-Ed I ordered just yesterday. Hope to have no problem at all.

    Sicerely, Srgio Pasquarelli Italy