Some time ago, the unsung genius in charge of getting all this material “on the air” came up with the idea–and the online icon for same–of making it possible for our many friends, visitors, customers and other interested parties to donate to JazzLegends.com. While your orders and your support are appeciated more than you’ll ever realize, your “no strings attached” donation would be a certifiable boost to the site.

Now that we’ve lowered prices as low as can be, and kept shipping free all over the world, there are only a few pennies in excess left over. And those pennies go to the considerable cost of making new DVD and CD discoveries, postage, packaging, and more importantly, to keeping us online. We’ve grown in size and in content–and that’s one of the reasons we were knocked off the air last Christmas–and this thing takes bread to keep it going, to keep it growing and above all, to keep it swinging.

Donating is easy. Go to our community pages, find the icon, and then open your wallet.

I’d do the same for you.

Bruce Klauber

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