JazzLegends.com Community Pages move to Facebook. Please join us there!

Gene Krupa was once asked about his thoughts on “modern music.” His reply was, “I certainly believe in progress and modernism, but I do think it has to be presented and played carefully and intelligently.”

The same thing could be applied to technology, which is why JazzLegends.com has kept its Community Pages open for such a long time. But given the rise of Facebook–and “rise” is an understatement–and the various Krupa, Rich, and Great Drummers groups, we have finally decided to go along with progress. The JazzLegends.com community and, we hope, it’s members, will join the JazzLegends.com on Facebook and keep things going there in a bigger way. Just log onto Facebook, type in JazzLegends.com, and you’ll get there directly. Better yet, here’s the link: https://www.facebook.com/jazzlegends. We’ll let you know about new discoveries, some stories about old discoveries, and all kinds of news. Please join us, and above all, keep swingin’. — Bruce Klauber

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