Jazzlegends.com is proud to announce the release of a Louie Bellson tribute DVD, which spans the years 1947 to 1989. This is comprised of raw footage from 1947 (with Hampton, Goodman, Barnet, etc.), 1951 (with Ellington), a 1957 drum solo, a 1957 drum battle (with Hampton and Don Lamond!), a 1975 drum battle with Buddy Rich, a 1969 drum solo from a JATP in Europe concert, and extended footage of a 1989 concert in Bern, Germany that featured Buddy DeFranco, Don Menza, Conti Condoli and more. Also included — with time code–is the Bellson tribute video, narrated by Ed Bradley, originally produced in 1998 to celebrate the Zildjian Lifetime Achievement Award given to Louie in that year. A fitting tribute to The Maestro.

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