It’s been a while since my last column which erroneously may have led some to believe that JazzLegends.com is dormant, slowing down, etc. Not so! We are alive, well and fulfilling orders as soon as we get them. There are, however, so very, very many folks I’ve not heard from in ages, so I just wanted to let you know that everything is running like clockwork here, no matter how hot it is!

I’ve recently relocated to a lovely area outside of Philadelphia, which, strange as it seems, is the first place I’ve had of my own in several years! It can’t be beat.

So, please bear in mind that I’m here, and remain on the look out for new and undiscovered stuff.

A word about some orders: Due to age or whatever, some of our masters have become damaged over time, often with no rhyme or reason. As an example, we had a recent order for out Wild Bill Davison DVD, and when I started the duplication process, realized that the master had somehow been stripped of the audio portion. How this happened, I couldn’t tell you, but it involved getting a copy of the video (it’s never been released on DVD) and remastering it.

In other cases, we’re not so lucky, so in the event that a master is damaged, I’ve tried to include at least TWO related titles to make up for it. So far, by and large, most folks seem to be happy with this, and I am working on replacing what’s damaged (if anyone has a good copy of Tony Williams in France on DVD, let me know).

Some of you may have heard that I have hooked up with the widow of Louis Prima, Gia Prima, to write Louis biography. This is quite an undertaking. Louis led a remarkable life, and Gia is simply a one-of-a-kind. She almost single-handedly spearheaded the renewed interest in the life and music of Prima, and what interest there is! Stay tuned.

In other book news, well, it finally had to happen. The final Mrs. Frank Sinatra, Barbara Sinatra, has written a book. Mrs. S. does a fine job in speaking of parties, drinking, jewelry, charitable galas, the care and feeding of Frank Sinatra, and their various fights (though Mrs. S. can’t seem to recall the root of the fighting).

On the other hand, and this is the kicker: Some years back, the very astute business person that is Tina Sinatra wrote a scathing account of Barbara Sinatra, how she tried to distance him from his children, financial and business double-dealings, greed, and general cruelty. Tina’s book cried out for a reply. This isn’t it. Mrs. Sinatra’s solution? Do not even mention Tina or Nancy. In that way, of course, they don’t exist. IN doing this, sadly, Mrs. Sinatra proved that she was and is as petty as Tina claimed.

It’s also riddled with inaccuracies (was it Mrs. Sinatra who convinced Mr. S. to sing “New York, New York”? I think not). And the fact that she says she had “no idea” who came up with the concept of “Duets” is just plain ridiculous. There were several books devoted to how that project got off the ground and ultimately progressed.

Is there an editor out there somewhere? I guess ghostwriter Wendy Holden, who doesn’t merit cover credit, by the way, didn’t think enough to visit the local library.

But in these days of Lady Gaga, who cares about the truth anyway?

As always, friends, if there’s anything at all you’re looking for on DVD or audio, please contact me at DrumAlive@aol.com. I’m here and I’m ready to “keep swingin’.”

Bruce Klauber

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