Sing Sing Sing and the limited edition/private circulation Krupa Collection
Limited Edition/Private Circulation CDs: Long-out-of-print and impossible to find Gene Krupa LPs are now available in private circulation compact discs. These transfers are made from the original LP records--yes, complete with the noise, clicks and pops that you know and love--offered solely as a service to collectors. We have virtually every recording ever made by Krupa on LP, so if it's not listed here, ask for it.

The initial collection includes:

The Gene Krupa Story Soundtrack Album
The Complete Dial M For Music Broadcast of 1967
Krupa/Hampton/Wilson Play songs from the Benny Goodman Story
The Jazz Rhythms of Gene Krupa
Sing Sing Sing (Trio)
Hey Here's Gene Krupa
The Gene Krupa Quartet
The Exciting Gene Krupa
Burnin' Beat with Buddy Rich
The Great New Gene Krupa Quartet
Krupa Rocks
Gene Krupa Meets Tony Bennett
The Gene Krupa Trio at JATP
The Driving Gene Krupa


The Drums By Jo Jones - DIGITAL DOWNLOAD
The Drums By Jo Jones - DIGITAL DOWNLOAD