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Monday, June 23rd, 2008

Final Goodman Quartet Reunions
This unbelievable CD combines a previous release–The Benny Goodman Quartet at Saratoga on August 18, 1973–with an unbelievable new discovery: Almost 20 minutes of another Goodman Quartet reunion concert, in much better fidelity, that took place on July 15, 1973. Here are Gene, Benny, Hamp, Teddy and Slam in all their swinging glory playing “Avalon,” “Moonglow,” “Ding Dong Daddy” and more. Any performances from this group in the 1970s are scarce and invaluable. Price: $20

London House Rarities Volume One: 1958/1959
We knew these were floating around somewhere and we have finally found them. Here’s the great Krupa Quartet with Gene, Eddie Wasserman, Ronnie Ball and Jimmy Gannon in two, never-before-heard sessions from Chicago’s London House. Dates are December 15 and December 25, 1958 and January 1, 1959. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year from the Jazz Quartet with more than an hours’ worth of rare, Krupa gems. Price: $20

London House Rarities Volume Two: 1953, 1956, 1958, 1959
More scarce Jazz Quartet performances from Chicago’s London House. Included are more sessions from December 15, 1958 and January 1, 1959, plus additional performances from December 18, 1958. As a bonus, there’s a “Dark Eyes” and “Flyin’ Home” from 1956 (!). The remainder of this essential collection is comprised of an already-available JazzLegends release, the famed Krupa Trio Bandbox sessions of January, 1953, out on our title “The Last and Greatest Live Recordings of the Original Gene Krupa Jazz Trio.” Price: $20