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Wednesday, July 25th, 2012

Mr. Sinatra had the concert stage. Huffington has the “Post.” Editors have the editorial page. These were and are their forums. Though also used for news and reviews, this space is my forum. And I intend to use it.

I will never criticize the playing or performance of a musician. The jazz community is too small for us to be knocking each other, and to my ears, everyone’s got something to say, from RIngo to Paul Motian. What I will point out is what I consider to be unprofessional or insensitive behavior from those in the business — on or off stage — who should know better, and those I know who can do better. And unless they’re dead and/or internationally renowned, I will not name names. If I’m bugged, it’s the behavior I’m bugged at, not the individual.

My word is not law or the “be all” or “end all.” If I’m wrong, I’ll be the first to admit it, loudly, clearly and in large font headlines. If you disagree with my opinions or what I perceive as fact, tell me so. This is an open forum and it’s open to one and all. There are plenty of places for you to comment on the site, including our community pages and on the articles pages. And I have no qualms about putting any of your comments on the home page, if that’s where you’d like them.

Here’s a case in point: Several months ago, I wrote a pretty angry piece about a new club’s jam session that was booked on the same night as another jam session that had been running for nearly 24 years. I couldn’t understand why the “new” place couldn’t book their jam on another night, in that the audience(s) for these things is small enough as it is. In other words, why not share rather than compete?

Those I “fingered” in this piece were understandably and deservedly not too happy with what I wrote, and, I guess, how I wrote it. And I’ve been informed that said facility actually had “dibs” on the Tuesday night jam session idea at least a year before the other joint. I stand corrected on that, but I disagree with the idea that a club or a club owner can “own” a night.

In any case, both places are doing well and I hope, pray and trust that they will continue to do so. If everything has to be on a Tuesday night, so be it.

I’m expecting that this matter will be considered closed, if only so that we can move on to more important matters, like, what are we going to do about that lousy pizza at Papa John’s?