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Monday, January 23rd, 2012

Shortly before Christmas, I was startled to find that the site was down. Though I’m no tech wizard, I came to understand that the site had grown very, large, especially with the recent addition of our MP3 store, and our server just couldn’t handle it. SInce this whole mess was discovered, our resdient tech genius has been working hard and dilligently to transfer everything over to a capable server. The delay is mainly due to the fact that 350 separate products have to be entered manually.

You’ll currently see that the site is up and is well on the way toward being online 100 percent.

On a personal note, I cannot tell you the catastrophic financial disaster this has caused me. I totally lost what could have been good revenue from the Christmas holiday. I do understand that technology is imperfect that this couldn’t be helped.

In the meantime, all our products are available, and until we’re up 100 percent, I invite you to take the old mail order route and send check, cash or money order–US Funds only–to Bruce Klauber, 7568 Brockton Road, Philadelphia, PA 19151. Be sure to write just what you’d like to order and provide a good mailing address. Shipping remains free worldwide.

One other issue–now solved–needs to be addressed. In late November, I began getting emails that said PayPal was not accepting overseas orders. I suspected that customers may have been entering mailing info incorrectly, but that was not the case. Turns out the PayPal automatically put “blocks” on certain ordering criteria. I believe this may have been related to our server problems.

I cannot tell you how much I appreciate your bearing with me during this certifiable disaster, and hope you’ll avail yourself our mail order option until we’re up again.

Please let all know that we are alive and well and hopefully will continue for years to come.

Bruce Klauber